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Welcome to the Cognitronics and Sensor Systems Group

Due to the increasing application of Integration Technology in almost all areas of life, Microelectronics has become a key technology of our modern information society. The systematic design and the demand-oriented implementation of resource-efficient microelectronic systems constitute the main research objectives of Cognitronics and Sensor Systems.
The continuously dynamic progress of Microelectronics is the driving force behind the development of new technical products that offers a significantly enhanced functionality and performance along with lower costs.

Against this background, our workgroup is developing microelectronic components and systems in digital and analogue circuit technology with the emphasis on massively parallel system architectures and the evaluation of the resource-efficiency of respective implementations.
Resource-efficiency in this context refers to the appropriate use of the basic physical quantities space, time and energy.

Our research and technology transfer activities mainly focus on Cognitronics, Mediatronics and Sensor Technology. Apart from research, one of our major priorities is students' theoretical and practical education in the management and mastery of Microelectronics in concrete applications of Information and Automation Technology.