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Modular Rapid Prototyping

The modular FPGA-based rapid prototyping systems of the RAPTOR family integrate all key components to realize circuit and system designs with a complexity of up to 200 million transistors. RAPTOR supports the acceleration of computationally intensive applications as well as partial dynamic reconfiguration.

The RAPTOR systems follow a modular approach, consisting of a base system and a variety of extension modules. The base system offers various communication and management functionalities, used by extension modules, which realize the required application-specific functionalities. Currently, FPGA-, processor-, communication-, and I/O-centric modules are available. Because of the modular design of RAPTOR, the user can easily integrate new FPGA technologies or communication facilities by means of additional extension modules. The local bus and the broadcast bus offer powerful communication infrastructures and guarantee a high speed communication with the host system and between individual modules. Additionally, direct links between neighboring modules can be used to exchange data with high bandwidth and low latency. Furthermore, all extension modules comprising Xilinx Virtex-4 and Virtex-5 FPGAs provide additional high-speed serial links for communication between the modules.

For communication with the host system all RAPTOR base systems integrate a PCI inter-face. Depending on the required performance, the user can chose between PCI, PCI-X, or PCIe. Furthermore, USB-2.0 interfaces enable stand-alone applications.





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