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Communication Module DB-Com

The versatile communication module DB-Com provides various essential interfaces for the prototypical design of system on chip architectures. Easy connection to other RAPTOR extension modules is established by a Xilinx Spartan-2 FPGA for data preprocessing. The integrated interfaces comprise RS232, RS485, field bus protocols like CAN or LON, USB, and Firewire. Additional protocols such as Interbus or Profibus can be implemented in the embedded Spartan-2 FPGA because the required physical interfaces have been integrated into the DB-Com module.


  • IEEE1394a (Firewire)
  • USB 2.0 highspeed or USB On-The-Go fullspeed
  • IEEE 1284 (Parallel)
  • 4 x RS232 (serial, e.g., EIB) or 2 x RS485 (e.g., Interbus, Profibus)
  • CAN, LON, I²C, IrDA
  • 2 x 18 Bit digital I/O (e.g., for Bluetooth Modules)
  • 80/71 direct links to neighboring modules
Printed circuit board DB-COM
Overview DB-COM