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Quad Ethernet PHY Module DB-Ethernet

The Quad Ethernet PHY module DB-Ethernet provides an easy way to integrate standard 10/100 Mbit Ethernet interfaces into the RAPTOR environment. The four Ethernet ports are controlled by a PHY device on the extension module, which exchanges data with neighboring modules by means of four embedded CPLDs. The MII interfaces that are realized in the CPLDs can be adapted to the requirements of the user when necessary. If Gigabit Ethernet is required, the expansion module DBE-Ethernet can be used.


  • 4 RJ45 Ethernet Ports
  • 4 synchronous MII-interfaces, implemented as IP-Cores in four Xilinx CPLDs (XC95144XL)
  • 10/100 Mbps; full/half duplex
  • Intel Quad-Ethernet-PHY device
  • Galvanically isolated
  • 4x3 LEDs indicating link, transmission and receive
  • Four configurable LEDs
Printed circuit board DB-Ethernet
Overview DB-Ethernet