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I/O-Module DB-MC

The I/O module DB-MC realizes 20 analog input channels and eight analog output channels as well as four Serial Synchronous Interfaces (SSI). The module is controlled by a Xilinx Spartan-IIE FPGA, which can also be used to implement simple control applications. Via the broadcast bus all modules that are attached to the RAPTOR base system can access the DB-MC. Thus, dynamically reconfigurable FPGA-based control implementations can be realized. Furthermore, coupling several DB-MC modules facilitates the realization of large virtual I/O subsystems.


  • 20 analog inputs Input voltage: -10 V to +10 V
    • Sample rate: up to 200 kSps; 14 Bit
  • 8 analog outputs Output voltage: 0 V to +10 V
    • Sample rate: up to 2MSps; 16 Bit
  • 4 Serial Synchronous Interfaces (SSI)
  • Xilinx Spartan-IIE FPGA
    • for module configuration
    • for the implementation of simple controllers
  • Connected to the base system via 64 broadcast bus links
Printed circuit board DB-MC