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Virtex-II Pro FPGA Module DB-V2Pro

The FPGA module DB-V2Pro integrates FPGAs of the second Xilinx Virtex generation with embedded PowerPC processor cores. For efficient use and monitoring of the PowerPC processors the extension module comprises two trace/debug interfaces. Access to the various interfaces and to the embedded memories is enables by IP cores, which can be easily integrated into the FPGA designs if required.


  • Virtex-II Pro FPGA XC2VP20/30 with embedded PowerPC processors
    • 22.032 Logic Cells (XC2VP20)
    • 30.816 Logic Cells (XC2VP30)
  • 128/256 MB SDRAM
  • Debug interface: 2x38-Pin Mictor connector
  • 2 x 128 direct links to neighboring modules
  • 75 broadcast bus signals
  • 4 embedded system clocks
  • 5x5 LED-matrix
  • Stand-alone operation
Printed circuit board DB-V2PRO
Overview DB-V2PRO