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Virtex FPGA Module DB-VS

The FPGA module DB-VS integrates Xilinx FPGAs of the first Virtex an Virtex-E generation into the RAPTOR systems. Memory-intensive applications are supported by 128 MByte SDRAM, tightly coupled to the FPGA. Like all other FPGA-based RAPTOR extension modules, DB-VS enables partial reconfiguration of the embedded FPGAs at run-time. Reconfiguration is performed either by the host computer via PCI/USB or by other system components within the RAPTOR environment.


  • Xilinx Virtex (-E) FPGA
  • XCV400 up to XCV2000 applicable
    • 10.800 Logic Cells (XCV400)
    • 43.200 Logic Cells (XCV2000E)
  • Variable core voltage (2,5V or 1,8V)
  • 128 MByte SDRAM
  • Local bus interface
  • 2 x 93 direct links to neighboring modules
  • 75 broadcast bus signals
  • Stand-alone operation



Printed circuit board DB-VS
Overview of DB-VS