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Expansion Module DBE-Ethernet

The trace/debug interfaces of the FPGA modules (Virtex-2 and above) provide an opportunity for small and costefficient expansion modules, called DBE. Various simple modules with pin headers for logic analyzers or applicationspecific extensions are available. The expansion module DBE-Ethernet integrates a Gigabit Ethernet interface, which is directly attached to an FPGA. All components that are required for the realization of the physical interface are embedded into the DBE-Ethernet; the MAC layer has to be implemented as a soft/hard macro in the FPGA.


  • 2 x 10/100/1000 Mbit Ethernet (1000Base-T, Auto MDI-X)
  • Two independent PHY devices
  • Compatible to all FPGA modules with trace/debug interface (DB-V2Pro, DB-V2, DB-V4, DB-V5)
  • Integrated cable diagnostics
  • Implementation of the MAC layer as a soft/hard macro in the FPGA
Printed circuit board DBE-Ethernet
Overview of DBE-Ethernet